House Hunter: Le Chateau

Fellow Dolls House weirdos among you may already have heard whisperings / seen the press releases for the new house being launched next week by Dolls House Emporium, if not, read on!

It seems the folks over at DHE wanted to inject a little Ooh la la into their current range and I think they've hit the mark with Le Chateau, channelling features commonly seen in French architecture and fizzing with provincial potential.

DHE Specs are as follows:

-Six well-proportioned rooms on three floors -One opening front panel
-Hinged roof for access to the top floor
-Authentic steep-pitched roof in the provincial style
-Carved ‘stone’ dormer windows faithful to the French style
-Typical corner stone and roof detailing
-Five beautiful opening French doors featuring pretty balconies on the first floor
 -Intricate front entrance door opening into the impressive hallway
 -Exquisitely-detailed internal doors
-Dog-leg stairs with ‘wrought iron’ railings and wooden posts

It's important to note that the sprawling staircase at the front of the house comes as part of the basement kit which is sold separately and also, if you're not wild about the colour and finish shown here, other options are available.

Personally, I would have to buy both kits as the stairs are largely what make the house for me (plus you would HAVE to have a wine cellar!) and then turn it into a teeny, tiny homage to Sofia Coppola's film, Marie Antoinette.

Think sugary shades, chaise lounges, cakes, macaroons, designer dogs, piles of shoes and of course champagne by the bucket load. Disgustingly decadent and over the top would definitely be the name of the game. (Not that I can justify getting another house, this is all hypothetical you understand...)

So with that in mind, here's some more mini treats to feast your eyes on.


Miniature cakes, profiteroles and croissants by Hummingbird Miniatures

Le Chateau will be available to buy from February 1st 2012 at