Week 1: Cabinet makeover

Soo, here we are. The first Friday of the year and with it comes the first of 52 (hopefully!) mini projects for those inflicted with the dolls house bug.

If you haven't had a read of the About page maybe have a quick squizz, else you might just think I'm a crazy lady playing with dolls houses. Partly true.

I've decided to start off in the kitchen.
Kitchens are my favourite room in most houses. It's where the food comes from, and where everybody always ends up squeezed into during a party!

I got this little cabinet about 10 years ago when I first started collecting things for the house Dad was building me.
(Long story short, said house was much neglected after I bought my huuuge Squirrel collection dolls house and from then on gave very little thought to what I was putting into it. All the good stuff and pocket money went on the big one. I shut the doors and eventually buggered off to Uni leaving the poor little house forgotten and collecting dust.)

What I used:
Fine grain sandpaper
Ieko eggshell paint in 'Cupboard Love'

What i did:
Firstly I gave the whole cabinet a quick dust and wipe. Sitting in a box for the best part of a decade gets surprisingly mucky.
I roughly sanded the whole cabinet, including the drawers. You don't need to do this for long as you're not stripping the wood, just creating a more paint friendly surface.
Give it another wipe down to remove all the dust and debris, the tiniest bit of grubbiness will stand out a mile when your working with mini things so it's worth taking the time to give it a thorough clean up.

It was at this point i decided I didn't want cabinet doors anymore so cracked them off using a small, blunt-ish knife. You may not wish to be so destructive with your own mini furniture but should you decide to customise mind out for the little pins used for the door hinges. Surprisingly sharp!
I also discarded the tiny drawers, preferring the look of cubby holes instead.

Using a small, good quality paintbrush (cheap ones shed too many bristles for this job!) start applying a thin, even coat of paint. Don't forget to do the drawers too.
The paint I used didn't take long to dry at all, in fact, the time it took to fix a cranberry G&T and have a little sip or too was the ideal 'watching paint dry' activity.

Apply a further 2-3 coats of paint until you've reached the effect you were after. Please note you probably won't need a gin between every coat, you need a steady hand for mini work after all!

Leave for an hour or more to ensure the whole cabinet has completely dried before styling it up and displaying with pride.

I'll leave you with a few pics of my playing about with the finished cabinet.
See you next Friday for a blackboard wall panel!

Kat - Four little walls