Week 2: Black board wall panel

Hello hello!

It's Friday the 13th so I'm staying inside and messing about with mini things. What could go wrong?!

Week two of the 52 week, mini-making, challenge brings with it a super cool, black board wall.
We're staying in the kitchen for this as that's where I've seen the majority of real black board panels, though it would look equally fab as part of an office or kids room.

Now you did get a little sneaky peek at this in last weeks pics so I hope you're not too underwhelmed!

What I used:
Stiff black card / mount board cut to required size
Chalk (sharpened)
Assorted post-its, papers, images

What I did:
Measure the height of the room your panel is going into and cut it to size.
Sharpen your chalk to a point and doodle away on the panel.
Think shopping lists, memos, phone numbers, cheeky messages. What ever you fancy.

When you're happy with you're scribbiling, get your post-its and papers and trim to teeny-tiny sizes, before arranging on the panel. If you make sure you cut your mini post-its from the sticky strip of the real ones there won't be any need for glue. If you're not using post-its a little dab of Pritstick should do the job.
That's pretty much it. To personalise it you could try shrinking down your real life photos or postcards. make mini take away menus and use different coloured chalks.

Note: The chalk won't really rub off the card once it's on so have a little practise before writing out your final doodles.
If you're feeling really brave and want to splash out an extra few pennies, try using real black board paint. You can paint it directly onto the dolls house or on a pre-cut board , that way you can change your messages and doodles as often as you like.


Well, I hope you stay lucky today!

 Next week we're gonna have a kitchen chair make over, complete with comfy cushions. (Not the one in the picture)

Ta ta!
Kat  - Four little walls