Week 3: Shabby chic chair

How are we three weeks into the year already??
I've acheived nothing of note and broken all resolutions. How about you?

Today I'm going to show you how to tart up a white wood chair to co-ordinate with the cabinet from week 1.

The plan is to eventually have 3- 4 chairs in the kitchen with mis-matching cushions but times are hard here at Four little walls HQ so we're just gonna make do with the one for now.

I picked these up at a Wendy's world fair a year or two ago and have been waiting to do something with them ever since.
Soo, here goes.

What I used:
White wood chair
Off white acrylic paint
Nail file

For the cushion
Fabric swatch
Needle and thread
Small amount of stuffing
Thin ribbon
Tacky glue

What I did:
Firstly give the chair 2-3 thin, even coats of paint. It can be any colour you like, I chose the off white so the chairs match (ish) the cabinet from week 1.

When the paint's completley dry take your nail file (the thin, cheap, cardboard kind are best for this.) and gently start to rub away the paint around the edges to create a distressed look. I rubbed a section off the seat (yes I know it's going to get covered up but I will know the detail's there!!) to look like the paint had worn off as a result of many mini bums resting on the chair!

To make the cushion, measure the seat of the chair and add 1/2 centimeter sewing allowance to each edge.
I made a paper template first and used this to cut the fabric to size.
before cutting fold the fabric in half with the patterened sides facing eachother.
When you've cut the sections out keep them facing eachother and neatly hand stitch all the way around the edge. Leave a gap at the top edge big enough to turn the entire cushion through.

Trim any excess raw edges before turning the right side out.
If you can be bothered this is the moment to carefully iron the cushion cover to ensure nice neat edges.

When you're happy with the cover take a small piece of stuffing and tease it so its evenly spread before filling the cushion.
Turn the top edge under, trimming excess if you need to. Secure the edge with a few small stitiches. You could use a tiny blob of tacky glue instead if you want.

Cut two pieces of ribbon to equal length. I started mine at 3cm. Fold each ribbon in half again and secure to the top, under side of the cushion, again with one or two stitches or glue.
Note: if you've used glue ensure you leave enough time for it to dry before proceeding or you might stick the cushion to the chair!

This next bit is fiddly, using the ribbons secure the cushion to the chair using tiny knots. Trim the ribbon if neccessary and seal the ends with a bit of glue to prevent them fraying.

You're done!

Undecided for next weeks mini. It's the final kitchen project (for now) and torn between two ideas...
Guess it'll be a suprise!
Right, I'm off for lunchtime drink with lovely friend. How very civilised.
Have a great weekend.

Kat - Four little walls