Week 4: Sneaky, secret dolls house


So now that we're on week 4 of this mini obsessed challenge I like to think I'm winning a few of you over on the dolls house front? A bit? Maybe?..

They don't have to be obscenely expensive and take up loads of space. It can be your dark little secret.
Here's how.

What I used:
Office storage box
PVA glue
Wrapping paper
White paint

What I did:
I'd wanted to give this a go for a while. There are purpose built, room-box kits out there but they are horrendously expensive for what is essentially, well, a box.

This box was one of three I got from WHSmiths ages ago. Until this week it had been serving it's purpose as useful office storage, until I was struck by inspiration, tipped everything onto the floor, painted it, papered it, job done.

That is literally all there was to it, but just incase, I'll throw a few finer points at you.

- Give the box a good dust before you start painting and glueing.

- Paint the top an bottom inside edges. 2-3 coats should do it.

- Cut the paper to fit the inside of the box

- Use a VERY slightly watered down PVA glue to cover the three sides that are going to be papered.

- Apply the paper carefully, use a dry cloth or sponge to smooth out any air bubbles.

- Fill with your best mini's and display with pride...until your mates come over, then you pop the lid back on the box and visitors will be none the wiser.

Storage boxes, DVD shelves, shoe boxes, old wine crates, make up cases. All can be converted into sneaky, secret dolls houses, you could have hundreds squirrelled away about the house.
There's a thought.

Were gonna go all romantic for the next week or two what with Valentines day looming so pop back if you fancy some small scale lovin.

Ta Ta!
Kat - Four little walls
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