Week 6: Valentine Cake

I usually feel all full of the joys of Spring this time of year, however it's currently proving tricky in sub zero temperatures.
One thing sure to always perk me up is massive slab of cake and so this week we combine the sickly sweetness of impending Valentines day with baked goods. In miniature. Obviously.

What I used:
2-3 cubes of white polymer clay (I used Sculpey in 'Whipped cream')
Small chunk of red polymer clay
Fimo gold powder
Cocktail stick

What I did:
If you've not used polymer clay before I recommend messing around with a few bits first to get a feel for it and most importantly do a few test runs with baking before you get to work on your mini master piece. Most manufactures instructions should be viewed as a guide only, you'll need to gauge what works with your oven and brand of clay, this helps avoid cremating hours of hard work!

Firstly, work the white clay until soft. (Make sure you have really clean hands when working with white as it will pick up every spec of dust going.) and divide into three pieces, graduating in size.
Using a scalpel, or cutter if you happen to have some, cut and shape the pieces into three squares, each smaller than the last. When you are happy with the size and shape of your three layers, stack them on top of each other, pressing gently so that they stick together. This will form the cake.
I went with a square because I felt it looked more contemporary but you can try it with circles or anything else that takes your fancy.

Next, work the red clay until soft and roll to 2-3 mm thick. (Note: I find the red does stain surfaces and skin a little so be careful where you put it.)
Carefully slice the rolled red clay into thin strips , then gently roll the strip up. Using a cocktail stick to roll the clay strip is useful and also great for adding finishing touches to the flower. When you've rolled enough, trim the excess with the scalpel.

For a bit of bling, I brushed a tiny amount of gold fimo powder onto the red flowers, this is messy but fun!
Use a cocktail stick to position the flowers around the cake. Add as many as you like, or try using lots of different coloured flowers for some variety.

Follow the manufacturers instructions and bake. Make sure you leave the cake to cool before handling as it might still be soft when it first comes out.

All done!

Well, that's pretty much it as far as Valentines day is concerned. Have I successfully romanced you?!
Next week I'm going to crack on with the not so small matter of keeping warm and snuggly with teeny, tiny textiles. Needle and thread at the ready!