Week 11: French Fancy's


Mothers day is nearly here! Are you prepared?! I'm actually spending mothers day with my Mum this year after being a terrible daughter for the last few. While I can't possibly reveal what the real plans are for Sunday (mother is watching!) I can share some mini mothers day treats so today we are making French Fancy's to grace the 1:12 scale coffee table.

What I used:
White fimo
Red fimo
Yellow fimo
Light Brown fimo
Dark Brown fimo
Cocktail stick
Plates to serve

What I did:

Firstly,I find it really helps to have a real plate of French Fancy's in front of you when working on these both for reference and a sugar fix while your fimo versions are cooking. Just be careful not to mix the two up, fimo isn't very tasty.

Once your snacks are in place you can stat blending your fimo colours together to create the fondant icing shades.
I tend to do this by eye rather than exact quantities as you may want to make a number of these at a time.
For the yellow I softened the shade with a touch of white so it looked more that scrummy, sugary shade.
For the pink i added a scrap of red to a larger lump of white.
For the chocolate I just used a scarp of light brown. Some other polymer clays can be purchased in chocolate-esque shades. Sculpey coffee bean is one I use a lot for Easter eggs. (Coming soon!)

When you're happy with your colours roll the fimo into a small sausage shape and using a scalpel start to cut into tiny squares. To create the rounded edges on the top I very gently rolled a cocktail stick over the squares.

To create the little icing strips roll super thin strips of fimo in your chosen colours and using the scalpel slice very thin strips off, a few at a time.
Carefully, using your cocktail stick lay the strips over the top of the cakes and trim excess with the scalpel. This part is a bit like surgery, really fiddly, though not as serious if you bugger it up.

Your cakes are ready for the oven! Always follow the manufacturers baking instructions. I strongly advise doing a test run on a blob of fimo you don't care about if you've not used the oven with polymer clay before, that way if it over cooks the first time it wont be all your hard work wasted.

When the cakes are done and cooled done you can arrange them on plates/ cake stands of your choosing. Due to how teeny tiny these are I usually glue them in place to avoid knocking them over and loosing them.

All done.

Shameless plug alert: If you like the look of the French fancys but don't really feel like making them yourself this one is currently fo sale on Four Little Walls etsy store. Not much there right now but have a looksee anyway!
Whatever your plans for Mothers day, I wish mum's everywhere a lovely day, hope they're filled with cake and fizz, and perhaps a trip to the Birmingham NEC for Miniatura?!
I'm heading up tomorrow with my long suffering Dad, VERY excited!!

Next week = Dolls house DIY: Part 2 (painting and wallpapering!)
Ta ta!