Week 12: Potting up


Where did that week go?!

Thought we'd step outside for this weeks mini.

I've spent a lot of time in the real garden over the last few days attempting to grow something, anything.
It's no secret to those that know me that I'm not naturally 'green fingered'. I think the last thing I raised successfully was watercress in cotton wool... sometime around 1992.
However, perhaps with age comes gardening wisdom dumb luck as this week has seen the first signs of life after some half hearted seed planting.
Out of 12 seeds we've got 10 tiny seedlings so far, it's very exciting. Trying no to be put off by people telling me Dahlias are tricksy things to grow, I'm feeling optimistic, they've been alive nearly a whole week!!

They're ALIVE!!!
So with this in mind I've decided to 'plant up' some little flower pots. There's so many gorgeous mini flower makers out there but as in life those pretty little blooms start out as underwhelming pots of dirt. So, here we go.

What I used:
Assorted mini pots, chimney pots, crates
Paint - 'Rosie cheeks' & 'Milk Time' by The Nursery Paint Company
'Foliage' available at most hobby suppliers. 
Tea bag
PVA glue
For the plant markers - Thin scraps of wood or card
Cocktail sticks
Thin paint brush

What I did:
I got the little collection of plain flower pots at Kensington Dolls house festival last year and failed to note down the name of the nice lady selling them, if you recognise them let me know!!
The chimney pot is from Little Homes of England Miniatura stand.
Firstly decide what colours you're painting your pots.Predictably, I went for a sugary white and pink combo, and apply thinly and evenly using a small paint brush.

While the paint's drying you can prepare you're grit. In real life this would provide drainage, in mini life this is bulking out the pots so you have a lumpy looking base for your 'soil'. You won't actually see this so in theory you could use anything to fill it up.
I mixed a little of the grit in some PVA glue and scooped small amounts of it into the containers using cocktail sticks, make sure you've left space at the top for the soil.

Next, take a teabag and sprinkle the contents over the tops of your pots. It doesn't matter what sort of tea though, I went for Earl Grey. Save a bit for scattering about later.
Use your fingers to rub a bit of glue around the edges and sides of the pot for the loose tea to cling to. This will hopefully look like the pot has been sat outside for a while. For some added interest attach some tiny pieces of shrubbery to look like moss.

To make plant markers glue two tiny scraps of wood or card together to form a 'T' and push into the top of your pot.

All done! When all the glue has dried your pots are ready to arrange in your mini garden, potting shed, window sill. Where ever you fancy really.

Right, I'm off to for some fun in the sun.
Have a nice weekend!