Week 13: Scream for ice cream!

I was going to save this for later in the year but it's been so sunny and lovely I thought we'd have a little treat today.

This super sweet, calorie free, goodness will look fab in mini dishes, sundae glasses or even, if you very clever, handmade ice cream cones?
I'm yet to successfully make a cone so today your gelato is coming at you in some cute little bowls I had kicking around.

What I used:
Sculpey in whipped cream
Scrap of yellow Fimo
Scrap of chocolate brown Fimo
Liquid Fimo gel
Plastic spatula/ modelling tool

What I did:
First you need to blend the scrap of yellow clay with the White until you have a satisfactory shade of 'Vanilla'.
(These colours are of course just a guide, play around with different ones to make your favourite flavours.)

Once thoroughly blended, add 3-4 generous blobs of the Fimo gel and start to work it into the clay with the spatula. This can take a little while and is quite messy, make sure your work surface is protected to avoid mass stickiness.

You should end up with a lovely, squishy, pliable lump of clay.
The spatula I used had a very slightly curved tip which acted as an ideal, mini ice cream scoop!! If you get it to curl enough the clay should crease and crack like a real scoop would, if not add detail with some the tip of the spatula or a cocktail stick.

I went for 2 scoops per bowl, but of course you can pile it as high as you like!

Add a little stick of chocolate brown clay for a flake! (or crumble for sprinkles?)
Following the manufacturers instructions, heat the finished ice cream in the oven. If your bowls are not oven proof or you're not sure, bake the Ice cream separately and add to dishes later. Fix in place with a little PVA glue.

Enjoy! Not literally. Obviously.

Here's some source material for you. I was very dedicated in my research for today's post.