Week 9: Sweet heart tutorial


So Here we are at week 9! NINE!
That went quick.

It's been a busy week here with some exciting bits and pieces going on.
Top secret for now, will spill the beans in a week or two!

For now we'll carry on tinkering.
You might have spotted these little twine hearts in previous posts?yes? No? Well today I'm going to show you how to make your own.

What I used:
Thin twine (try your craft shop, alternatively you could use string)
Dress making pins
PVA glue

What I did:
Cut two lengths of twine , I used 8cm but you can mix and match sizes.

Using your fingers, dab a little glue and a little more water around the the twine, twisting the lengths together as you go until they're wound into a little rope.

I used the squishy lid of a sewing box as a base for this next bit.
Make a loop from the twine and lay it flat, secure the bottom ends with a pin.
Use another three pins to pull the twine into a heart shape, like this:

When your happy with the shape, soak it with a little more water and glue, then leave to dry.

These little hearts are pretty versatile, so pop them where ever you fancy; on the wall, on a door, string a few together to make a little garland. I've got them everywhere!

Next week I'm gonna get stuck on to some dolls house renovations so pop back if you fancy seeing some small scale DIY.

Have a lovely weekend!