Week 15: Heart Art

It seems there's been a bit of hangover from Easter in our house. The supply of chocolate has not dwindled and we've had more lovely friends staying, helping us to eat, drink and be merry for the second week running.
Very nice too. Not much in the way of dolls house decorating happening though...
It is for these reasons and the not so little detail that I'm leaving the country (only for the day but at a very un-godly hour) that I've been ever so punctual with this Friday's post.

On with the mini making!
I wanted something for the walls in the little house that I could imagine on my actual wall, and so, settled on hearts. (Yes, I am aware that makes me a massive girl.)

Think there's going to be a few of these in the near future but for now, here's one I made earlier!

What I used:
'Love' table confetti by East of India Co.
Thin card in coordinating colour
Picture frame (various sizes) from wood-supplies
'Milk time' paint from the Nursery Paint Company
Small paint brush

What I did:
I kept it neutral as I haven't quite decided which room this will end up in yet.
Using a teeny brush I applied 2-3 THIN coats of 'Milk time' paint to the frame. Allow a little drying time between each coat so that the paint doesn't pool or clump around the molding of the frame.
That would be a shame.

While the paint's drying, measure the back aperture of the frame (that's one inside edge to the other) and carefully cut a piece of thin card to fit.
The more accurate you are the better, if you get the fit spot on you should be able to slot the card into the back of the frame snuggly without it needing any sort of glue, great if you want to change the picture later on.

Finally, I took two of the hearts and with the tiniest amount of PVA glue fixed them in place onto the card.


When the hearts have dried your picture is ready to hang/ prop up wherever you like.
For a more personal touch, swap confetti shapes for a shaped, paper punch to create your own hearts, stars etc.

Right, I'm off to grab some beauty sleep before my mini adventure tomorrow!
Have a lovely weekend.

Bon nuit!