week 16: Landmark canvas

Here we are again!

Before I get started with the project I just wanted to say a great big thank you to the lovely ladies that have left such kind words on the give away post over the last week. It's so good to know people are enjoying Four Little Walls, can't wait to draw the winner this Sunday!

This week's project continues on the theme of wall art.
There are some incredibly talented miniature artists out there who manage to paint teeny tiny, amazingly detailed master pieces.
I am not one of those people.
I can't draw or paint a picture to save my life, in fact despite retaking several modules still managed to get an E grade for my fine art A-level. Sigh.

It's for these reasons that lateral thinking is sometimes required when I'm making little pictures. Maybe consider this a cheats guide to art making?
Last week was essentially cutting and sticking, this week...stamping.

What I used:
London rubber stamp set by Yellow Owl workshop
Gold ink pad
Small square canvases

What I did:
I'd had this London stamp set from Yellow Owl Workshop for a while and had been racking my brains trying to think of ways to use it in the dolls house when I spotted some miniature canvases in a craft shop.

I'm not going to insult you with instructions on this one. You literally are just inking up and stamping as and where you see fit.
I went for gold ink leaving the background white but you may want to add colour to the canvas before stamping?
If you like the landmark idea Yellow Owl Workshop have a few more cities in their range among many other stamping treasures! Have fallen in love with the circus set, I see a mini nursery in the pipeline!
Or, if you're super skilled maybe try making you're own stamp? But that would be showing off. :p

The actual canvases are maybe a bit on the chunky side but once they're on the wall and looking fabulous you don't really notice.

Rather than try and squeeze Big Ben and a few Double Decker buses onto the same canvas I made them into a co-ordinating pair of prints. (I had to cut off Big Ben's bottom to fit him on but I'm pretty happy with the finished effect.)

Anyway, I hope this has given you a few ideas for some mini art of your own, please show me if you have a go at some, I'm very nosey.

Have a lovely weekend!
(don't forget you've still got until Sunday to enter the draw for the Heart art giveaway! )