Week 17: storage baskets


Today I'm making stack-able storage baskets. They're pretty versatile and, just like the real things, are great for dumping all kinds of stuff in when you're trying to look tidy!

What I used:
Thin felt in colour of your choice
Needle and thread
(or sewing machine!)

What I did:
For the larger of the two I measured a 4x4 cm square and cut five pieces from the darker felt.

For the smaller I measured 3x3 cm.
(if you wanted a whole stack-able set you could go right down to 1x1 or super size 5x5cm etc.

Note: if you want handles in two sides now is the time to cut them. Just snip a curved slot into two opposing panels.
I left this until I'd finished sewing and they turned out a little wonky!

I used pink thread to hand stitch all the edges together. In hindsight wish I'd just used a matching colour cotton but wanted to see what the pink stitches would look like. Oh well. This is how we learn!!

When you've finished stitching all the edges together ( I did this by hand which didn't really take too long but if you want to be super speedy, whizz them through a machine.)

Take extra care at the bottom edges, making sure you stitch tightly to the edges else you'll end up with gappy corners when you turn it through.

When you're happy with your stitching turn the whole square inside out, if you're a neat freak give it a quick press with a warm iron ( have something between the iron and the felt) but generally the square should hold it's shape nicely.

You're baskets are ready to fill with your mini bits and bobs, be it laundry toys or general junk.

Hmm.The more I look at mine the more the pink stitches are bothering me, have a feeling you might be seeing storage baskets: part 2!!

Have a lovely weekend!!