Shopping: God save the Queen!

The Jubilee (and all those lovely bank holiday's) are just around the corner so thought we'd get a red, white and blue mini fix.
My keys to a successful shindig, miniature or otherwise, involve copious amounts of cake, bubbly and bling, feast your eyes on these little treats.

To start, how about a three tier cake display by True 2scale?

Naturally, where there is cake there must be tea and seeing as it's the Queens birthday the best china is a must. Stokesay Ware have created this gorgeous,  'Jubilee gold' pattern, made in fine bone china, available in both a tea set and dinner service. Gilded in 22k gold this really is a tea set fit for a Queen. Sigh.

Hold the tea, I spy champers. Please pass one a straw!
Bottle of Moet in crate by Cinen

 Cake and diamonds. Need I say more? 
By Blue Kitty Miniatures

 And the crowning glory (excuse the pun!) to the big day...well, your very own crown jewels, obviously. Dolls house emporium have created the ultimate in miniature bling with these teeny replicas. There are three sets to choose from, I of course went for the biggest.
Available in 22k gold or silver and embellished with Swarovski elements. Fabulous.