Week 18: Teeny tiled floor


You might remember weeks and weeks ago I did a post on Dolls house DIY and the kind of jobs that seem to take forever and ever?
Well this weeks post very much falls into that category!

I knew when I started re-decorating the little house that I wanted to try actual tiles for some of the floors rather than papers so when I spotted these black and white, octagonal beauties at Miniatura I snapped up a couple of boxes.

What I used:
Octagonal tiles and inserts by Romney miniatures
PVA glue
Steel ruler
Fine grain sandpaper
Cutting mat
Goggles for tile cutting ( I didn't actually use any but think they'd be a good idea in hindsight, plaster in the eye is not fun!)

What I did:

I was also fitting skirting boards in this room so the tiles needed to butt up against them rather than sit underneath ( this was just my preference, you may decide differently) so the first thing I did was tack those in place before marking out the area to be tiled.

I did a dry run for a few rows to get an idea of how much cutting was going to be needed, before starting to fix the tiles in place with PVA glue.

The tiles them selves are made from plaster so were really easy to cut down and sand.
They're also self spacing which was fab as I think I may have lost the will to live if you had to do that part yourself!

It was also a life saver that the floor panel is still easy to remove from the rest of the house making it much easier to work on.

I used a metal ruler and SHARP scalpel to cut down tiles, as long as you press firmly and score well in the first cut or two they turned out ok, some will shatter but luckily there was more than enough tiles to be getting on with. If the cutting leaves an uneven finish use a fine sandpaper (or nail file) to smooth things over.

It's tempting to rush this once you start to see it all taking shape, don't!
It would be terrible if you ended up witha bumpy floor!
Take your time, it's a very methodical job, quite soothing really, but maybe that's just me?!

The mind did wonder a little but luckily there was a Gossip girl box set to hand to keep me company.

The whole thing was done in a few afternoons, (Measured in Gossip girl context, i would say about 6 episodes.) so by the end of the week and I had a fab tiled floor and had re-visited the dramas of Season 1, Serena was a dipstick wasn't she!

Any way, it's done! Yay!

No furniture yet but I'm quite enjoying just looking at the floor for the time being.

Hope you have a fab bank holiday! I'm off to Margate, rainy days by the seaside seem to be my favourite thing to do lately.