Let's talk mini's!


Hope everybody had a lovely weekend?
A busy one here rounded off with an impromptu pub crawl with the parents. Well it WAS Fathers day.
They really are a terrible influence.
After getting home I thought that chasing the gin with a viewing of my sisters keeper would be great idea. Oh my. I won't go into it too much in case some of you haven't seen it either, but good lord, have a box of tissues handy! (Apparently the book's even more harrowing, don't think I'm brave enough to read it just yet!)

So, badly behaved parents and devastating films aside, this weekend was quite a productive one.

Now, as some of you will already know, there's been lots of happenings behind the scenes here recently. I'd promised I was going to reveal all this week so here goes.

Well, first and foremost, I'm very excited to announce the arrival of four little walls.com !

This will be (fingers and toes crossed) a fun and fabulous online, miniature boutique catering for the loves, needs and wants of...well, YOU actually. 

There's not a whole lot to see at the moment but the basics are sorted. Now I just need to fill it with mini's!
My aim is to provide an eclectic range of miniatures from all over over the world for you to love and adore (and hopefully buy from time to time too!) The blog is also linked in to the website so you can make double sure you don't miss any of the 52 week challenge projects. (Well, I can't very well stop now can I?!)

So, the next step...
Talk to me!

Tell me about your houses, your collections, what you make, what you're loathed to make, things you've been hunting for but just can't seem to find anywhere. I am super duper nosy and can't wait to here all about it.
Feel free to leave it all in a comment , you're also very welcome to email me at fourlittlewalls@hotmail.co.uk

One more thing, if it's not too much trouble, I'd love it if you could fill out this little survey?
It's 10 questions all about you and your mini's. 
(If you choose to leave your contact details please be assured they will NOT be passed on to anybody, though you can answer anonymously too if you don't want little emails from me later in the year. )

Take me to the survey!

So, the cat's out the bag!
Still feeling very excited about it all, just need to try and keep focused on ALL the jobs that need doing not just the fun ones like choosing suppliers and decorating room boxes. Being very restrained today, blogging is my treat!