Spilling the beans

Today was a big day.

The last couple of hours have brought waves of being MASSIVELY excited and doing little, happy dances to myself before swinging through to, frankly, wanting to be a bit sick actually. What HAVE I done?!
Let me give you a short version...

Warning: There are no pictures and lots of waffling on in this post.

Back in December, for reasons various, I quit a perfectly appropriate job in publishing.
On paper it was a dream but sadly the reality was very different.
(Think Devils wears Prada but English, budget and s#*t!)

After talking it over with friends and family, with no next job to go to, I jumped ship just in time for Christmas, a marvellous time to be unemployed.
My fabulous friends were mostly very encouraging about my, arguably, rash decision (all bar one, who when I excitedly shared my news over dinner went very pale and bombarded me with all the sensible questions I probably should have been asking myself already, most poignantly  'what NOW?!' Ha.)


To be honest, the years since graduation have been a process of elimination of things I now know for sure I do NOT want to do.
Getting an arts degree slap bang at the beginning of a recession sort of scuppered post grad plans for a lot of people, options evaporating one by one due to funding cuts, closures etc. Bad.Bad.Bad.

Unpaid work experience turned out to be my way in for the publishing job. When I got the call to say I was hired I was in the street with my sister. We screamed, we chest bumped, and I never chest bump.
A huge wave of excitement/ relief washed over me as I finally settled into a job I not only loved but (I think) I was pretty good at, it was a great feeling even if it was beaten out of me pretty quick!

I left. I promptly got a virus, slept for about a fortnight. Re-watched all my Sex and the city DVD's.
When I came to I'd got a few dolls house related ideas rattling round. They'd always been there but I'd never found the moment to get stuck in.
A few hours later, on a very shaky Internet connection, Four Little Walls was born.

The 52 week challenge followed.
New year, new start and what looked increasingly like a lot of time on my hands, it seemed like an Ok way to keep busy so I started messing about with some ideas.
Obviously changes had to be made as a result of the lack of work, and the new year was definitely not an ideal time to be job hunting. So, after 6 amazing, super eventful, hard, gin fuelled, bloody brilliant years in Brighton I packed up and moved back to the parents. Oh my.

6 months on, no regrets, though I'm missing the seaside lots now Summer's here.

After weeks of just talking about it, finally knuckling down, one fab, intense course with The Prince's Trust Enterprise scheme and what will probably be the start of more sleepless nights than I care to think about, I have officially registered myself as a self employed body and Four Little Walls as a business.

I want to spill the beans on everything right now but I've prattled on for a bit already so will get into the nitty gritty in a few days.
Hope that wasn't too dull, thought it only fair to warn of the sleep deprived, mental woman blog posts that are sure to follow. So.excited scared EXCITED!


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