Week 23: Short n' Sweet Memo board


I'd just got back into the swing of things following that 4 day weekend and suddenly it's Friday again. Yes!

Thought we'd take things easy this week following the 6 project extravaganza that was the Jubilee garden party.

If you're anything like me you'll have a notice board or two knocking about, the idea being that I pin all vital paperwork and things to remember to them. (The reality is I just pin EVERYTHING to them because I'm incapable of throwing bits of paper out. )

I've been very restrained as it seems the temptation to stick as much stuff on as possible exists as much in 1:12 scale as it does in real life.

What I used:
Picture frame
Thin card
Narrow ribbon
Nail art sequins
Assorted papers and cuttings
Tacky wax/PVA glue

What I did:
This board really doesn't take much sticking so you can go for tacky wax to fix everything in place for a glue free project. Go for PVA if you want it fixed more securely.

Cut the card to fit the back aperture of the frame. The frame I used had a recess in it so as long you cut a tight fit it should slot in with no need for fixing in place.

For a bit of decoration I cut strips of ribbon and fixed in place with a little tacky wax. Pull them tight and flat across the card so you can tuck little postcards and mementos behind them.

Choose your papers, pictures and cuttings and fix in place with your tacky wax. For a finishing touch I attached a couple of nail at sequins to look like pin heads.

All in all this took about 15 minutes start to finish, great for a quick mini fix, and ideal for disguising dodgy patches of wallpapering/ painting/ electrical wire points!

Right, I'm off for a HUGE coffee. Between a hula hooping injury and the neighbours very vocal chickens I'm feeling a little sleep deprived today!