Week 26: Dolls house DIY: Part 2


Today is a bit of a mile stone! We're exactly half way through the 52 week challenge!!!
Only another 26 to go (doesn't this also mean it's a terrifying 24 weeks until...the 'C' word! ??)

Today is essentially about me showing off bits of my dolls houses, specifically bits that I've wallpapered.
Dolls house DIY part 1 was all about the preparation, today is all about making it pretty. Yess!

Flocked, metallic wallpaper in the Big house

What I used:
Wallpapers/ wrapping papers
Metal ruler
Wallpaper paste
Clean, dry cloth
Clean dry sponge

What I did:
I'm sure a lot of you will already know how to hang mini wallpaper so you can just marvel at the pictures (politely ignoring the clearly, unfinished bits!)
For those of you looking for a few pointers, here's mine.
First and foremost, measure up. Then check it. Then check again.
There would be nothing more tragic than running out of paper half way through or finding that you're just an infuriating few centimeters short of what you need!
That being said, if you know you're going to be adding cornice and skirting boards to a room don't fret too much if you can't cut a straight line to save your life. Those wibbly, wobbly edges can be beautifully disguised and no one will ever know.
Orla Keilly wrapping paper as wallpaper in Little house
You will need to be a little more accurate if you're matching patterned papers together. 
Lining up was easy with papers like the flocked gold one here, not so easy wit the Beatrix potter one as there was a huge mural scene running along the bottom. Cutting Tom kitten in half was unavoidable but luckily some strategically placed furniture hides his disfigurement!
Wallpapered study in Big house
When it comes to pasting I prefer to use specialist products, because I know they'll do the job.

I apply a layer of paste both to the wall and the paper as it makes it easier to re-position. 
Using the clean dry cloth I smooth the paper onto the wall making sure I get as many air bubbles out as possible. Make sure the paper has been pushed right into corners and around edges if necessary. Wipe away excess paste with clean tissue or sponge.
Word of warning: if you've used lots of paste or rub the surface of the paper excessively sometimes the colour will come off a little! Fine if you're going for a shabby chic look, not so great if you don't.
(I've found this happens more with dark coloured papers and the chance of it happening with wrapping papers is a slightly less. In my experience at least.)

Bodge job!  Beatrix Potter wallpaper
If you do make a mistake, don't panic! I did a terrible job with Beatrix potter, it was one of the first rooms I decorated but now there's so much stuff in their no body even notices!
Be patient, don't rush and make sure everything you're touching the surfaces of the paper with stays clean and dry. 
Geometric wrapping paper as wallpaper in the little house
Mix and match wallpaper with painted walls for a more contemporary feel to rooms. 
Hope somebody, somewhere found that useful?!

I got the very first Four Little Walls delivery this week so will be spending the weekend playing with my new toys working very hard on all things website related!

Hope you're all doing something lovely. If you get a moment, I'm still being nosey and asking dolls house collectors to tell me about their hobby. There's a chance to win a room, all you have to do is leave your contact details with your answers! :) Click here for the survey