A little thank you


I'm excited. It's been creeping up on me all week. With lots of changes and developments occurring behind the scenes here at HQ, the Olympics about to burst onto our screens and bucket loads of sunshine it's taken all my restraint not to down tools and seek out a glass of Pimms. Instead I've been inside (give or take the odd sunbathing break) and squirrelling away on lots of mini related things.

Some of you may have already spotted that I've been messing about with the website a little?

I'm not going to lie, it's all a bit clumsy looking (besides the splendid logo!) and I'm still figuring it all out, but...the shop is, for all intents and purposes OPEN!

The range really is tiny at the moment as we're starting from very humble beginnings but I hope you'll spot something that takes your fancy!The debut collection includes some Summer essentials by Shepherd Miniatures, bake ware and of course, that naughty little book!

As a thank you to all you lovelies that have been so encouraging and just generally awesome I've set up my first ever discount code, offering 20% off all items from now until the end of the Olympic games on 13th August.

Simply enter ThankyouFLW at the checkout