Week 27: stunt kitchen units


Apologies for the later than usual hour.
Went to work with Dad today and got stuck into a larger than normal project!
It's not dolls house related but it will be appearing in the Olympic games opening ceremony. Exciting!

So, my Olympic journey over let's get back to mini things!

This week I built a fitted kitchen unit. Oooh!
Of course the Elf one I dream of is currently out of my price range but this one turned out pretty good!

What I used:
Balsa wood
Strip of hard, fine grain wood
Spray paint
Silver paint
Tacky wax

What I did:
First, measure the length of the wall you want the units to run along and cut both the balsa and hard wood to fit.

Smooth the surface of the balsa and spray in colour of our choice. ( somewhere really ventilated!!)
Allow to dry then decide how many cupboards and drawers you'd Like.
Score the balsa wood with a scalpel.
You should be left with panels posing as cupboard/ drawer fronts!
If you're feeling super lazy/ on a tight budget paint handles on using metallic paint.
If you want to go the extra mile you could buy some little handles.

Using tacky wax fix the panel in place. Make sure it's a snug fit to the Walls and there's space for the hard wood work top to fit on top. I left
Mine natural but you may decide other wise.
Using a little more tacky wax fit the work top in place.

Ta da!
Stunt kitchen!
Dress with all your fave kitchen mini's and admire.

Have a lovely weekend!