Week 29: Trash to treasure

There is not enough coffee in the world today!

Between lots of top secret mini workings, a few shifts at the pub and all the excitement of the Olympic torch nipping past us yesterday today may be a bit of a duvet day/ doing the laundry/ admin/ emailing I've ignored all week.

But before I get stuck into all that, let's talk recycling.

This little habit of ours can get a tad expensive so it's nice if we can get a mini fix on the cheap from time to time!
The three mini's coming up cost me a grand total of 30p, here's some ideas for budget busting accessories.

First up, you know I love a good stamp. You can imagine my reaction when this little beaut cam through the door attached to somebodies birthday card. I did restrain myself long enough for the recipient to open the envelope before tearing the stamp off and squirrelling it away. It now has pride of place propped up on the mini mantle piece. Decided against framing it, like the edges too much.

Next, the zoo animals were the only thing here today that I paid cold, hard cash for. At 30p for the three in a pocket money department I could have gone over board here but (luckily) that would have meant paying by card! They now live happily among my other not so economical purchases.

Last but not least, the fancy umbrella stand, in its former life it had been a perfume atomiser.
Nan gave it to me years ago when she was doing her usual, trying to give us bits and bobs she didn't want but didn't want to throw away either. (In later life this also included Christmas and birthday presents being returned to us because she didn't remember we were the ones that gave them to her! Of course she thought that was hilarious.)

It sat in a box for a few years before I found it when having a rummage. Whipped out the pump and immediately it went from unused nik-nak to vintage umbrella stand. Lovely. Nice to have a little something in the house from Nan too. Aww.

So, I hope this has prompted a few people into raiding the junk drawers this weekend?!
Allegedly Summer will finally happen in the next few days so am off to dust off the BBQ. Yay!

Will leave you with a few pics from torch day. Over in a flash but was a fab day, not long until the games!

It's on it's way!

Torch kiss!