Save the date!

Sorry to disappoint but this is not a post to announce any impending nuptials.

Far more exciting than binding myself in holy matrimony to a smelly boy for all eternity, I would like to announce the date, well dates actually, for Four Little Walls pop up shop debut!

Ta da!

The lovely ladies over at Abbey Chic have set up monthly pop-up shopping event 'Genuine Originals' aka  'GO Shopping'  in Faversham, Kent.

It's a super-fab collection of handmade goodness, from cushions and textiles, home-wares jewellery (and, from the 25th August, dolls houses!) AND there's cake. I of course made it my priority to sample said cake at the first event last month and can confirm that it too, is fabulous. 

So, if you're around you should definitely come down to say hello. Craft + sugar fix =guaranteed

Excited? Me tooo!

Write these in your diary,  or maybe pop a reminder on your phone, scribble it on you hand...

25th August
22nd September (Four Little Walls will NOT be appearing)
20th October
17th November
8th December

Fellow dolls house weirdo's will note that the September event clashes with Miniatura at the NEC so we'll be there (shopping not exhibiting!) but GO Shopping and all it's other lovely makers will be there rain or shine.