Shopping dates & mini breaks

Lots to tell you!

Well, we did it.
The stall being put together..

The posh cabinet.
We had out first public outing. No breakages. Didn't lose anything. Met lots of friendly faces. (And I was super restrained when some over excited children started pulling bits off of the dolls houses I'd pumped so much blood, sweat, tears (&££'s) into!) All in all, a success.

So, now the madness of getting ready for that is out the's onto the next one! Well, two actually.

Four Little Walls will be having a little trip to Essex on October 7th, taking up a stall with Dolly's day dreams dollshouse and miniatures fair at their Basildon venue. VERY excited about this and hope to see some of you there.

Then it's back to our GO Shopping pitch on October 20th for more crafty goodness.

We're sad to be missing the September GO Shopping event but it unfortunately clashed with Miniatura so we'll be heading off to Birmingham for a day of shopping & general mini madness!

For now, since it is still just about August and technically summer I'm allowing my self a teeny tiny holiday.
A trip to the seaside and a weekend long beer festival will hopefully do the trick!
To really signal the end of lazy Summer days (and make way for some exciting Autumn pieces) prices on some of the 'Great British Summer' range have been reduced for anybody that fancies some last minute beach bits.

I've added a few new items to the shop already, though more to follow in September.
My favorite so far is probably this super cute set of Beatrix Potter books. They may yet find their way into my dolls house!

Also very excited to announce the opening of the Craft & Sewing department for all your mini sewing and crafty needs, more to come here too!