Week 32: Arm chair makeover


I loved doing this weeks mini.
I'd had the arm chair for years, loved the shape, loathed the fabric so it was always put in the darkest corners of the dolls house.

Then, last week, I spotted this gorgeous Moda fabric. Goes nicely with the grey wall paper in the dining room, no?

Before I knew it I'd coughed up the cash and was hot footing it back home to do something I didn't quite know what to that chair.....
So, this week is my make it up as you go along beginners guide to mini upholstery!

What I used:
Fabric (enough to recover your chosen chair)
Contrasting felt
Scissors (for cutting the fabric AND hacking the chair to pieces)
Strong craft glue
DVD (to play along in the back ground, this one took a while.)

What I did:

Step 1. Select your mini chair

Step 2. Rip it to pieces

Step 3. Try not to panic at the sorry state of your now destroyed chair.
(Also worth mentioning, when you're ripping it apart pay attention to what bit goes where, else putting it back together is going to be stressful!)

Step 4. If you're one of those well organised people you'll do the next bit properly. ie. lay the various pieces of chair out on your fabric, mark them out and cut neatly.
If you're like me you'll do a rough guess by eye and hack into the fabric willy nilly. Luckily it worked out ok this time, but if i was making for someone else i'd try to be a bit tidier!

Step 5. Start recovering. The fabric didn't have to trimmed perfectly as the way this chair went back together meant that all the mess would be perfectly hidden by the top panels. That said, still take your time, you don't want wrinkles or creases showing in the finished chair. It will get messy, you will get covered in glue but it'll be worth it to see your little chair in all it's re-upholstered glory.

Step 6. Use washi tape (or masking tape) to hold everything firmly in place while the glue dries.
Resist the urge to touch it for at least an hour so you don't move anything vital out of place. Kick back with a little G&T, watch the end of your DVD. Maybe clean up a little.

Step 7. Admire your splendid, 1:12 scale seating! Ta da!

Have a fab weekend!
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