Week 33: marvellous mouldings

For some reason I'd always dreaded fitting the mouldings in my houses.

Think it was the thought of all that measuring and accuracy. Maths is not my strong point, i wept silently through one of my GCSE papers as I realised after 4 years of struggle I still had no idea what I was doing, but at least it was coming to an end!

When I started redecorating little and big house I decided now was the time to conquer my fear of angles and just DO IT!!

After a few false starts I can now say with joy that not only do the houses have skirting boards and cornicing but I actually Enjoyed doing them!!

If like me you've been putting off those mouldings here's a few things I learnt!

1. Make sure you've enough lengths of everything before you start. There'll be rude words if you run out half way through!

2. Apply any paint and varnish finishes before you fit them!! For obvious reasons it's just quicker and easier.

3. Don't rush the cutting or measuring. All pieces need to be cut or sanded to a 45 degree angle for a neat, snug fitting corner.

4. Use a fast trying craft or wood glue. Take care to wipe away any excess ASAP.

5. Have a roll of washi / low tack masking tape handy when fitting cornicing. You can tape the moulding tight to the wall and ceiling while the glue dries without damaging your wallpaper of paint.

Right, back to the grindstone. Working feverishly getting ready for next weekends pop up shop! So much to dooo! I need some elves!!

I'll leave you with these two handsome devils we met at the Zoo yesterday. Have a lovely weekend!
He was a grump!
A very casual nellyphant.