Week 34: Bricking it!

This week has been a bit of a blur!
Got our first ever show tomorrow at GO Shoppings' pop-up event. Mostly excited but also slightly terrified!!

In preparation I've been working on Four Little Walls first ever house! (One that's for sale that is.)

Come in! Kitchen fitting in progress.

Still needs a bit of work but so far it's looking rather splendid if I do say so myself!

My favourite element by far is the brick work on the outside. I usually paint the outside of my houses but as this house was a terrace and our first mini property I wanted to go for it!

This was a super messy, very satisfying job, LOVED it!

What I used:
Bromley Crafts brick compound- red
Brick stencil - stretcher
Pallet knife
Cocktail sticks (for clean ups!)
Acrylic paints -red,brown,black,yellow
Clear, Matt varnish
Fine sandpaper

What I did:
I can not stress enough that if you do you use this stuff follow the manufacturers instructions! They're very clear and they've got YouTube tutorials too. This is more an account of how I used it than a tutorial but hope it's helpful none the less.

First of all I used a cement looking colour as a base all over the house, opted for 'Dusted Cappuccino', this is going to show between bricks so choose wisely!

Next I mixed up a pot of the brick compound, I worked it out roughly 3 parts mix to 2 parts water and got a really thick mixture but again follow the manufacturers instructions for assured accuracy!
Try on a test patch first!

Carefully line up the stencil where you'd like to begin the brickwork and start slapping on the mixture! Use a pallet knife to smooth the surface and remove excess before delicately lifting up the stencil. Ta da! You should be left with a perfect brick section! Any joined up bricks can be saved using a cocktail stick to define them.

Repeat this until the entire surface is covered. If you go wrong don't panic! You can just scrape it off and do it again! (even if it's dried you can just wet it)

Leave the brick work to dry completely before lightly sanding in rough areas and applying paint effects. You may decide not too which is fine too.

For a bit of a weathered look I used a mixture of acrylic paints and brushed on to bricks at random.

When paint is dry, you can seal the brick work with a Matt varnish.

Note: this will turn the bricks a much darker colour so test first so there's no surprises!

Your brick work is finished!

Don't worry about any un-used mixture, just cover it up and mix with water when you need it again.

Sigh. Did I mention I LOVE this, better than the usual lick of paint eh?!
Right, off to get the rest of the house finished, 24 hours left on the clock , eeek!

Hope to see some of you lovelies tomorrow! Have a fab weekend.