Week 36: Office wall


It's week 36, friends have gone back to work, school, uni (nearly). Meaning allegedly summer is over! While I've not returned to anything as such I still feel I should try to organise my self a little so with that in mind here's this weeks project.

I got the idea from some trendy interior office type photo's on Pinterest. You know the sort?

Well, here's a mini version to keep all your teeny tiny paper work in order. It only takes 20 mins!

What I used:
x5 cardboard tiles, 1 for every working day (7 if you want a calendar week!)
Scrap card
Acrylic paint in White and silver
Washi tape (to decorate)
Glue stick

What I did:
I went with a cardboard, White and gold theme for my boards but you can go with what ever you fancy.

Paint and decorate your cardboard tiles. Make them all the same if you're a stickler for conformity or go wild and mix em up.

Paint the card board scrap in silver and leave to dry.

Cut the scrap into x5 equal strips, these will become the metal clip at the top of the boards.

Attach the silver strips to the boards.
Finish with assorted papers, mini magazine cuttings and to do lists!

When you're happy with them fix to the wall with tack wax.