Week 37: On the roof

Tiling the roof is one of those jobs that when finished looks rather fabulous but getting it done seems to take FOREVER!
Tiles and lead flashing detail

I've just finished covering our first 'half way house'. Half way because it hangs on the wall, showing the front rooms. This was great for simple roof tiling as there's no fiddly dormers or chimneys to negotiate with!

What I used:

Bromley craft x500 roof tile pack
Black and White acrylic paint
PVA glue
Craft knife
Lead flashing (optional!)

What I did:

This is a job to crack out the DVD player for. Something epic and long or a series box set should do the trick.
I stuck with the old faithfuls, SATC, interspersed with a bit of Gossip girl for company.

In flight entertainment sorted, lay out as many of the tiles on a covered, flat surface as you can fit. (tip: you WILL need more than you think!!)

Painted and naked tiles!

Mix a slate grey colour with the paints and begin painting. Make sure you get all the edges too, it will show on the roof if they've got bare patches!

If you need to mix more paint try to match as close as you can, there will probably be a little difference in tone but that's fine, just mix up all the finished (dry!) tiles before you start putting them on the roof.

Half weathered
I used nearly a whole x500 pack of tiles to do one side of a relatively small dollshouse so be warned if you're tiling larger roofs!

For further weathering effects you may want to add more paint/ pastel detail. I recommend sealing the lot with a clear, matte varnish when you're done.

To finish the top edge I added a strip of lead flashing (also from Bromley Crafts).
I'm, finally, now the proud owner of a rather handsome roof top! Yess!

Right, well that's the half way house finally finished!! Will have to give you a little tour at some point. In the mean time, I've a little box of goodies to photograph for the website, all will be revealed over the weekend, but here's a sneaky peek....
Polished, pear wood, high chair, made in England, gorgeous!www.fourlittlewalls.com