Kitchen clear out


I've been avoiding all the things I should be doing by sitting and staring at my Big house. As you do.

I've decided it's all wrong!

I fear this is about to go much the same way as my little house did last year, ( I gutted it on a spur of the moment decision and spent the following year restoring it to some sort of presentable state)

But before I lose all control and crack out the wall paper scrapers I thought I'd start with a clear out.

First up is my kitchen range and surround. I got these when I was still working in the dolls house shop as a Saturday girl, so about 10 years ago. The surround is by Hearth and Home, i'm almost 100% certain the range is too but it doesn't have a stamp on it and it's not a light up one so can't say for definite.

They're lovely quality and have done a splendid job, but i've decided to modernize (only slightly, hopefully you'll see the replacements before Christmas!)

I hope they'll find a good home, both items are on Ebay , if you or a mini friend you know is in the market for a new kitchen range/ surround have a little look.

Will keep you posted on the re-vamp!

Kat x