Let's eat CAKE!

This is a woefully late blog post which I'd intended to post when the current (about to go off sale!) issue of The Dolls House magazine hit the stands. Slacking!

For those of you that didn't see the issue, my column this month was all about a subject close to my heart.
CAKE. Specifically, miniature cake.

I spoke about three of my most favorite cake makers, 

While I adore the work of all three there was only space for ONE picture on the page. Sigh. 
So, I thought we'd best have another look and marvel at the mouth-watering makes of these super talented artists. Please take a moment to admire, and maybe indulge. It's all calorie free after all! 

Kim Saulter - The Cupcake Queen reigns supreme!

Halloween treats by Paris Miniatures
Marble cake slices by Homeward flight