Week 40: Coffin kit


Well, our first show was a success! Phew!
Met lots of lovely people and sold lots of little things, can't wait for the next one!

I haven't forgotten I owe you a mini make, this week's is a little macabre as I've decided to show you one of the kits I made up for the show...the coffin!! Consider this a warm up for Halloween!
This is really more of a review than a tutorial but hope you enjoy it any way!

What I used:
x1 mahogany, wood coffin kit
Fine sandpaper
Wood glue
Varnish/oil/wax to finish (optional)

What I did:
Before you get started read though the instructions once or twice then give all the wood sections a little smooth over with the sandpaper.

Following the instructions, begin gluing the base and side sections together, ensure you wipe away in excess glue quickly else it might show on the finished coffin. The same applies for the lid.
Don't rush the lid! You want it to sit neatly inside the base and be flush to all the edges, wonky will not do! (For once!)

Don't forget to build the trestles! You'll want something to prop the little coffin on later.

Allow to dry thoroughly before handling.

Now, the instructions recommended a  few ways to finish the wood. It's lovely quality mahogany and looks fab when varnished, waxed or polished to a high shine. Because I was lazy and in a rush I left the wood un-finished but I think this looks very nice too!

To complete the coffin, apply the brass fittings. Be VERY sparing with glue else it will ooze out everywhere and look messy/ be a pain to clean off.

Leave to dry.
All that's left is to decide where you're going to display your sinister miniature and who you're going to put in it! Mwahahaha!