Week 42: Pretty Pumpkins


Having miraculously escaped a hang over after girly night with the BFF today has actually been very productive! (Just as well,  as I'm off for the 2nd date with GO Shopping , bright and early tomorrow and still LOOOADS to do!)

I did take a little break from show stuff to bake another batch of mini pumpkins. 

When it comes to these little devils less is NOT more! You need piles and piles of them on the mini doorstep, bookcase, scattered around the floor, all shapes and sizes. 
Here's how I did mine, they're really easy to personalise, use different shades of fimo, mix up the sizes, play about with the little faces. If you're very clever you could hollow one out completely and pop a light bulb in, though I've not tried it yet. Anyway, here we go,

What I used:
Orange fimo
Brown fimo fro stalks
Cocktail sticks
Chalk/ acrylic paint to shade (optional)

What I did:
Slice up the orange fimo into equal-ish sized lumps and roll into balls. I used a tile to work on to cut down on  finger prints in the clay. 

Flatten the top of each ball and mark a hole in the centre with the cocktail stick. Use the stick to mark lines all around the pumpkin. 

If you're doing carved pumpkins, carefully stab your little beauties in the face with a cocktail stick until they're smiling/ grimacing back at you! be careful not to squish the backs. 

If you're not doing carved pumpkins, roll some scraps of brown fimo and attach to the top of the pumpkin using the cocktail stick. 

If you're shading the pumpkins with chalks, gently brush the colour on before cooking the pumpkins.


When you're pumpkins are baked and cooled add some detail with acrylic paint if you fancy. 

All done! Display with pride ready for Halloween. 

Right, I'm off to pack lots of mini's for the show! Have a lovely weekend!