Week 43: Hallway bench


This week has seen the arrival of many lovely festive things and I got a bit over excited! I've tried to reign it in but there is still something distinctly seasonal about today s project!

In a bid to spruce up the hallway in my big dollhouse I've added this little bench. But not before it got tarted up a bit.

What I used:

Whitewood bench
Wood stain (colour of your choice)
White chalk paint
Fine sandpaper

For the cushion
Thin card
Wadding/ stuffing
Tacky glue

What I did;

Firstly sand any rough edges on the bench before giving a coat of wood stain all over.

Leave to dry thoroughly before covering in White chalk paint. This usually only needs one coat but add more if it looks patchy.

Allow the paint to dry totally before sanding.

I sanded through to reveal the stain around the decorative. cut out bits and the edges of the seat.

For the cushion, measure the seat area and cut a rectangle of thin card just 2mm shorter. (To allow for fabric coverage)

Cut a section of fabric to fit the card, ensure there's enough excess to wrap around the edges.
Glue the front edge first to ensure a neat finish to work from, then fix the two shot edges in place. I used tacky glue as it's got a nice 'grab' to it but ordinary PVA would work too.

Use a small piece of stuffing and fill the cushion evenly. When you're happy that the cushion is suitably squishy glue the last edge in place.

Fit the cushion in place. You could glue it but if you leave it loose you can change the cushion whenever you fancy!

Well, make yourselves comfy! I'm off to work on something VERY exciting and glittery. All revealed in due course. :)

Have a fab weekend! x