Week 44: Picture perfect

Ok, this was not quite the mini extravaganza I'd planned. This is because I've been busy working on some top secret, mini things that I am DESPERATE to show you , but I can't. Yet. I feel like an impatient child!!

That said, I do love these little frames. It's becoming a bit of a problem actually. Every magazine cutting, postcard  scrap of wallpaper, wrapping paper, food packet is being inspected for it's framability (not sure that's a real word but artistic license and all that!) Here's my latest victims projects. 

What I used:
Wooden picture frames, various sizes
Assorted cuttings, photos, etc 

Hacking past birthday card to bits

What I did:
It's very short and sweet really, I gathered together a few pictures that I thought would look good together, not too matchy-matchy, just co-ordinated. Went for a bit of black, white and red mix.
I painted the frames with acrylic and left to dry. 
Cut your pictures to size. The frames I used had a recess in the back so everything slotted in neatly, if your frame doesn't have recess just back your picture onto some thin card, that should help keep it taught. 
Pop your pictures into the frames and voila! 

Use tacky wax to fix them to the walls, or stack them like those trendy, designer types do. Fancy.

The finished pictures are a chopped up birthday card from a lovely friend and a mustache, to mark the start of Movember! Your loved ones may already have signed up as a 'Mo bro' to raise awareness and support for mens health charities by cultivating fine facial hair through out the month of November  . If not, quick! There's still time! My Dad is taking part this year but has expressly forbidden me to share any pictures with you,  he's shy. And a spoil sport! Ha. 

Before I go, I will give you a teeny teaser of what's coming up both in the shop and on the blog. Hint: it starts with 'C'!! Ahhhhhhh! 

Have a lovely weekend! x