Week 45: Super simple sledge


Ok, I AM aware it is only the 9th of November, but it is Winter here in the UK whether we like it or not. And Winter = snow. Some people have a had a little dusting already, which is fine, they can keep it, it's very pretty but don't want it just yet, got things to do!

I have scheduled snow showers (of the miniature variety! I don't yet have the power to control the weather. :p) for next Friday so in readiness today we're making sledges!

This is really a lazy girls guide to sledge making as I've not used any wood/ workshop tools you could get a bit more involved and use harder wood, but why over complicate things?!

What I used:
Thin panel of balsa wood
Thin dowel / tooth pick
New scalpel/ craft knife
Super glue
Paint of your choice (I used acrylic)
Thin twine/ string (optional)
Fine sand paper / nail file

Template pieces
x2 runners
x 1 seat
x 1 front rail

What I did:
First draw out your sledge pieces, if you're confident do it straight onto the wood, if not make a card template first.

The sledge could really be as big or small as you choose. The runners for the one pictured were approx 5 cm long and just under 1 cm high. I spaced the runners approx 2 cm apart so you'll need to calculate your square seat panel accordingly.

With a steady hand, cut your sledge pieces out using the craft knife and smooth any rough edges. (balsa splinters really easily so don't get too rough with it !)

Cut the dowel/ tooth pick to fit across the front of the sledge.

If you decide to paint the sledge you can give the pieces a quick coat or two, though it's pretty easy to paint them when assembled too.

Carefully glue the square seat panel in place along the top edges of the runners, make sure they're flush.

Fit the bar across the front of the sedge and glue in place.

Leave to dry, if you want to attach a pull-along handle, tie some thin twine to the front bar.

Ta da!

Leave by the mini door ready for next weeks snow!

On the off chance that you want something a little fancier for your snow day (and in an act of shameless self-promotion!) you could treat your self or a mini mate to one of these rather lovely, hard wood sledge kits, now in stock at four little walls.com!