Week 46: Let it snow


Only 5 weeks left to go?! Where has the year gone?!

Today It's all about the white stuff!
I've had a very satisfying and messy few days experimenting with various varieties of snow effects.

What I used:
Scenic shovelled snow
Scenic snow flakes
Scenic bonding glue
Scenic spray glue
Scenic ice particles (essentially very fine glitter)

What I did:

The roof-
Let's take it from the top!

I've been working on a festive themed house for this weekends show and wanted a good sprinkling of snow on the roof for seasonal effect!

Firstly, I covered the roof using the plaster mix and stencil method (featured here!) to cover the surface.
When the tiles had totally dried I gave the entire area a generous spritz of scenic spray glue.
Next I used the pot of snow flakes (this one came in a handy shaker pot, much like you'd get your spices in, and shake generously to cover the roof with an even layer of snow.

You can build up the layers by adding more glue and more sprinklings of snow. Allow to dry in between coats and shake excess off so you can see where the snow has fallen!

For further detail brush on scenic bonding glue and dab some 'shoveled snow' onto areas where you'd like to have thicker snow drifts.

For added sparkle add a little sprinkle of ice particles. (I LOVE this bit!)
Seal the finished roof with a little more spray glue or matte spray varnish.

Boots (or other accessories!)
I like a bit of grubbiness in a Doll's house, adds a bit of life to them (without the aid of a doll!) so I thought a pair of welly boots left at the door would be a nice touch.

I filled a small tray with shoveled snow and dabbed some scenic bonding glue on the soles of the welly boots before 'walking them' through the snow.

Shake off excess and allow to dry , I popped them upside down on paintbrushes for ease!

Pop by the back door or in the hallway for fun wintry touch!

- Snowballs
Mix shoveled snow flakes with PVA glue, roll into balls (VERY messy!) leave to dry.

Hope that's given some snowy inspiration!
Off to put the finishing touches to bits for the show tomorrow. Hope to see some faces there! :)