Week 47: Pimp my ride


This weeks post is coming to you a whole day early as I'm off on a little seaside adventure tomorrow. Bit excited!

Obviously there's a heavy dose of Christmas with the project this week but it could easily be adapted for any other time of year, a bike is for life !!

What I used:
Plain metal bike
Red enamel paint
Silver enamel paint
Scrap of leather
Tacky glue
Thin paint brush

What I did:

There's no quick way of doing this as enamel paint takes aaaages to dry and you'll probably need 2-3 coats before the colour really looks good. I'd do a coat here and there over a day or two around other jobs, that way feels like no time at all.

I picked out the body of the bike in red and the wheel spokes and pedals in silver.
When you're happy with the paint, cut a scrap of leather to fit the saddle and cover with a thin layer of tacky glue. Stretch the leather over the saddle and fix in place. You might need to trim it in places but you can do this when the glue drys.

For some finishing touches I pooped some letters in the front basket and a parcel on the rack at the back.
Ta da!
Leave parked outside in the snow or propped up in the hallway.

Right, I'm off to pedal my wares at a Christmas show before packing my bags for tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, and happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond!