Week 50: Oh Christmas tree!


It's time for the tree. Or tree's if you're greedy like me.

As in real life, when it comes to decorating Christmas trees I think every body's got their own way of doing things. Today I'll show you what I got up to with mine. The key to success I've found to be in a hot glue gun!!

What I used:
Pose able Christmas tree OR
Bottle brush Christmas tree
Assorted mini decoration packs (beads and sequins will do just as well.)
Assorted ribbons
Vintage beads & buttons

Top tips for tarted up trees!

As I said before everybody has their own way of doing the tree so rather than a step by step I thought I'd just do a few tips for you to play about with/ dis-regard as you see fit! :)

- If you're tree is the fuller figured, pose able tree (my spruce of choice!) take a moment to 'fluff' it!
Wonky branches don't make for an easy decorating job.

- If you've got a bottle brush tree go crazy with beads. They nestle very nicely in the bristles and tend to look better the more they get thrown onto them! (I've found that ribbons don't look too great on these ones but maybe I was just doing it wrong?!)

- I usually start with strings of things. If you've got ribbons or strings of little beads now would be the time to wind them round. Start from the bottom and wind your way up. Use a small blob of glue at keep in place as and where necessary.

- I used beads and broken jewellery as baubles and larger tree decorations.
There was a little box of broken necklaces that came from my nans after she passed away, the tiny beads turned out to be the perfect size for mini baubles (I'm sure Nan won't mind me gluing her old jewels to tiny trees, she quite liked my doll's house!)

My Nan's broken necklaces being put to good use!

- Build up the baubles evenly around the tree, symmetry isn't particularly vital though, you can always hide any ugly bits against the wall!!

desk has become a mini forest!
Well, as you can see I've gone to town with the tiny trees this year. Yet to tackle the real thing as we're in the process of ripping the front room of the house (and putting it back together again!) all before next Friday. In the mean time here's a pic of my sister's tree. She's very proud of it even though it takes up the majority of her little flat!
Tree Hall of fame: Frank (short for Frankincense!)
My sister's first tree away from home. Isn't he handsome?!

Well, that's it for this week! Just TWO left for the 52 week challenge!!
Don't forget there's still time to enter the Christmas dinner giveaway.
Thank you to every one who's left comments, tweeted, shared links and pictures so far!