Week 49: Christmas cake

My real life baking is a bit hit and miss.

Last week, in a bid to become a domestic, festive, goddess I made a batch of gingerbread biscuits. Looked great. Tasted like feet. And I burnt out the food mixer. They went in the bin.

Last night however I baked a batch of sticky gingerbread cupcakes and they, though I do say so myself , were stupendous!
My family were so shocked. Always the reaction I look for with my cooking!

Today I thought I'd show you one of my more successful attempts at cake making, it's miniature. Shocking I know!

What I used:
White glitter effect Fimo
Red Fimo
Green Fimo
Round clay cutters (optional)
Cocktail sticks

What I did:
First knead the white glitter Fimo until good and squidgy, (that IS a technical term!) and and cut into x 3 pieces, graduating down in size. If you have cutters you can now press out 3 tiers for the cake. If you don't, and it's fine if you don't , roll the pieces into balls . flatten them with a ruler or similar and roll the edges until nice and smooth.
Sculpting the layers rather than cutting them out obviously takes a little longer but can be quite therapeutic  (And very satisfying when you manage to get them all looking how you want them!)

Following the manufacturers instructions, part bake the cake layers for a few minutes, allow to cool before handling then assemble the cake.

Roll tiny scraps of red Fimo to form berries, flatten and shape scraps of the green Fimo to form little holly leaves.
Using a cocktail stick, attach the leaves and berries to the cake, press gently with the cocktail stick.
Pop back in the oven for another few minutes to allow the cake to harden.

Allow to cool completely before popping on a dish or plate to serve.

Now, compared to real baking, that was painless!!

Have a lovely weekend, Christmas prep is in full swing here, mini and other wise, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, for your doll's house!

Good luck!