Week 51: T'was the night before Christmas

I had big plans for week 51.
Spectacular, inspiring, Christmas plans.

These plans were scuppered well and truly by numerous things ( and a total lack of organisation on my part!);
Relatives arriving for the holidays, relatives having to return home to collect forgotten luggage. (Said luggage had, among other vital items, my Christmas present, so clearly I was first to boot them back on the train! :p)
Winter Solstice party, which was wonderful and warm and full of naughty food and potent drinks.
Subsequently, Saturday was slow and foggy headed and full of self loathing, but relieved that the world did not come to a fiery end.
Sunday saw more relatives arrive so we cracked open another few bottles of festive spirit, which brings us to Christmas Eve and a seemingly endless to do list + rapidly shrinking time frame.
There's a reason this only happens once a year, flippin' exhausting!!

Any way, what I have managed to pull together are a few final festive touches, pretty basic but easy to adapt  and pimp up to your own specifications! 

Glitter felt
Fine feather trim
Needle and thread

Cut x 2 simple stocking shapes from the felt and lay glitter sides facing each other.
Using a needle and thread neatly stitch all around (leave a gap at the top!)
Turn the stocking right side out, use a thin pencil to help push the heel and toe right out, but  make sure you don't poke it all the way through!
I trimmed the top edge with fine feathers and attached with tacky glue. Feather may need trimming back a little but wait until the glue has dried else it could get a bit messy!

Your stocking is ready to stuff with goodies and hang above the mantel piece!

If you've no feathers try thin ribbons, beads and fabric scraps to personalise your stocking.

Sack of Toys:
x2 small squares of calico
needle and thread
Metallic thread

Stitch three sides of the two squares together as neatly as possible.
Make a running stitch around the top, open edge (NOT through.) Leave a good length of thread at the end so that you don't lose it when you tun the square inside out.
Fill with stuffing to reach desired effect.
You could also try adding odd shaped beads and scraps to look more like toys hidden away inside?!
Pull the loose thread tight to gather the top edge and secure in a little knot.
Trim the top in metallic thread.
Pop in your mini sleigh, under the tree or at the foot of the bed ready to be opened tomorrow morning!

Merry Christmas!

Right, next week is week 52, the FINAL week of the 52 week challenge!! I'm a little excited about this.
There's one or two things I'd like to share between now and then also but for now, let me wish you all a very , merry Christmas. May it be stuffed full of lovely people, food and a mini treat or two! :)


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