Mini make over: coffee table


I have consumed a bucket of coffee this morning and am currently buzzing my way though a long 'To do' list, amazing how much more I get done with obscene amounts of caffeine in my system. (I realise this is quite bad for me but it gets the job done for now!)

Anyway, do you remember me saying how I was given a bag of doll's house furniture for my birthday? It had been rescued from a house clearance. Well there were lots of little gems in there and I've been plotting the various things to do with them.

First up is this super sweet coffee table.

There was nothing really wrong with the original, it just looked a bit battered and needed some sprucing up. So I spruced. Ta da!

All it needed was a bit of a sand down and some paint. I LOVE it.

Thought I'd take some time out for a book and sweet treat, the pain au chocolat was made by the lovely Amelia of Frippery Factory and the Penguin, 'War of the worlds' is available to buy at