New for Spring 2013

Today has been one of those grotty, cold, can't get anything done sort of days.

Losing Internet connection for half an hour didn't really help matters (it was this point I crawled to the shop for emergency chocolate!).

Upon my return I had thankfully been reconnected with the world wide web and was able to, now on a sugar high, list some of the new Spring products on Four little walls. Hooray!

Here's a little peek, we've got some juicy, bright coloured stools, my personal favourite is Arsenic green!

Hand painted and varnished to smooth, shiny finish, they can be add a little burst of colour as stools or a side table.


Charlottes locks

Or if you fancy a small scale project try one of our fab furniture kits by McQueenie. Real mahogany wood, precision cut in the UK. This Edwardian style bed has just been added ready for you to build and dress. 

Well, that's enough excitement for one day. I'm off to finish that chocolate!