Mini magic: Harry Potter world

I've always been a fan of Harry Potter.

I was bit late reading the books but eventually ploughed through them, and I LOVE the films.

Perfect for lazy Sundays when it's a bit chilly out and some escapism is in order.

Well, yesterday I spent the day celebrating my Godson's birthday. He turned 11 and decided Harry Potter Studio tour was the way forward. Excellent choice.


You might have seen this in the press? The model of Hogwarts used for the  films. Completely breathtaking.
Photo's can't really do it justice, you just need to go!
The scale of the whole thing is a bit mind boggling, imagine being J.K.Rowling and looking around this place?! All that spring from her one idea.
imagination is a wonderful thing.

I don't want to post too many photos as it might spoil it for any of you planning a visit. I will tell you that I've now flown on a broomstick, Morris minor and tried real Butterbeer.

One of my favourite sections was definitely the conceptual artists gallery. It's towards the end of the tour and full of architectural drawings and scale models. Of course these appealed to my dollhouse orientated brain so I'll leave with a few snippets!

Felt this may resonate with some of you?!