Sweet Valentine: An ode to icing and lady love!

Well, we all know what tomorrow is don't we?!

Yes, it's 24 hours of (fingers crossed?!) hearts, flowers and romantic gestures. The newly shackled are in a state of confusion over how much is too much while the more seasoned couples maybe tread the wire of 'Do we still need to bother?'.

Personal experience has taught me not to put too much pressure on it!! My best Valentines have oddly enough actually been whilst single so now I tend to celebrate the lady love in my life with smooches all round for the sisters, friends mums and aunties.

So, with the position of 'Mr Four little walls' currently vacant my Valentines day is set to be a very relaxed affair! I'm currently waiting for cupcakes to come out the oven which I had planned on icing and making pretty for myself and one of my BFF's to feast on tomorrow.
It was a surprise  but clearly she is the icing to my cupcake, both metaphorically and literally as I just got a text message to say she's bringing a pot of Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing.
Now, show me a man that is as in tune with my needs?! Haha

Of course don't forget to show the doll's houses some love too!
I thought we'd revisit some of my soppy posts from this time last year. The blog was only a few weeks old, I was still in my teeny, tiny flat in Brighton and Four Little Walls.com was yet to be! What a difference a year makes!

Love letters: A slightly sentimental one but I wouldn't write anything differently a year on.

Valentine Cake: Poor photo's but the cake I feel cake IS essential