Selling up?!

Ok, this is a drastic move but after some serious assessing I'm thinking I may SELL my big beasty house!!

While part of me can not believe I have even uttered that sentence there is the slightly more sensible side of me acknowledging that I have gotten a little stuck with this one.

It is HUGE.
The Big, beautiful Blenheim by the Squirrel collection who were renowned for the generous proportions of their dollhouses and beautiful working sash windows.
Sadly they are no longer in business and I rarely see theses houses up for grabs.

That said, I've failed to properly finish it in the near 11 years I've had it. It deserves to be showered with love and attention. Since I already have my little Georgian my Dad built and the not so small matter of trying to run a business I feel that there might be somebody out there who can love the Blenheim a little better? Am I being rash?!

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