Some restoration is in order...

Look at this little beaut!!

A lovely friend of my Dad's dropped x 2 super cute, vintage houses over today.
Spotted at a boot fair they've been sent my way for, fingers crossed, some TLC and a new lease of life!

Here's the first one, it has x3 front opening sections and a little garage.

It's clearly been loved and decorated at least twice previously. Some of the wallpapers and flooring are begging to be ripped out but the kitchen and bathroom walls are ADORABLE!

So, I sense this going to be a more long term project than some but think it'll be worth it!

New doors and windows all round, while I love yellow the paint job on the windows here is not brilliant so think it's probably best to restore it to it's former glory as much as possible. And the roof needs to be red i think?

Anybody out there reading this that has tackled a similar house I would love to hear from you!

It's a 1:24 scale I think, no signs of brands/ maker on this one. The other has a metal front and possibly a Triang but we'll have a closer look at her another day!