Little friends

It can be a lonely life working from home so when my Dad asked if I wanted to pop up the road to the farm where he was doing some work.(...and feed a little lamb!!!) I leapt at the chance!!

Here's a few pics from what I got up to whilst skiving off work. The majority were very pleased to have visitors, others were not. Their mug shots can be seen at the bottom of this post!!

Oh, and on a doll's house related note, I'm having a Facebook giveaway today and tomorrow, pop over and have a look for a chance to win a pair of Distress yourself chairs!!

Everybody saw 'Awwwwwwwwww!'


Ducks saying hello

Sweeeeetest little baby bantams 

These little mutha cluckers were not pleased to see me at all!

Devil Goose. Size of a labrador.
May have chased me a little...!