My weekend with the stapler!

I've spent the majority of the weekend wielding a stapler, scissors and folding paper until my little fingers are raw! (Well not quite but I have done an awful lot of folding, it's very repetitive!!)
I've finally gotten around to neatly packaging ALL stock ready for next weekends show. Fingers crossed it's going to make life easier for me packing and unpacking as well as easier for customers to browse without being frightened to touch anything. (Also to protect stock from those few who handle the miniatures with a little too much enthusiasm, there's always one!!)

A mini mountain!

Some attempt at organisation at 2AM this-morning!

Beatrix potter books safely bagged,
they always fall foul to little hands opening them to see if the pages are printed!!

I also managed to grab some time to whip up a new batch of 50 shades, always proves popular, you saucy lot!
Wonky edition.

And my reward!
Got a felt delivery waiting for me to chop up into some brand new mini's, but first, on with the stapling!!

Hope you're all having a fab weekend. 
Yummy colours. Can't wait to get my hands on these!!