Stuff & things: Family feud

Morning all!
I have a sulky little dog on my hands this morning...

It's been a bit of a theme over the weekend.
With the good weather her 'pet brother 'and arch nemesis, Norman the tortoise, has been enjoying stretching his legs in the garden, this means that Honey gets locked up indoors.

Unfortunately we're not just being over cautious, Norman had a highly traumatic (and expensive!) hospital stay 2 summers back after a certain little dog tore the chicken wire off Normans summer house and proceeded to savage him!!
Luckily Norm had the good sense to tuck everything in but there was a tense moment picking him up waiting to see if was going to pop his little head out/ if he still had a head!!

She thinks we can't see her when she sits behind the skinniest bush ever...

He did, but he was a bit punctured so was shipped out to special reptile intensive care unit where he was on an IV (yes, that's a tortoise IV, I have no idea where they put it?!) for 2 days!

So that's why these two have beef, the dog alas has a very slow learning curve and is outraged that we've not allowed her to eat him yet. Sigh.

Feuding animals aside, it's full steam ahead for Saturdays show! Hope to see some familiar faces, there'll be a fab range of handmade, vintage and craft on offer.
And cupcakes. I only ever go if lured with the promise of cake!! :p